I’m back at Love Library, where I used to work.  Studies show that 34% of employees who leave a workplace return within 5-6 years.  That’s not actually true, just a thought I made up.  The rain brought me here.  If you live in Lincoln, NE and look out your window, then you will see an ongoing drizzle of rain that started earlier this morning.  Maybe the rain brought me here partially.  I planned on coming to the library today and it happens to be raining outside.  A lucky combo when you have an afternoon off and there is yard work to be done.

Why the library?  To me, that is an easy question to answer.  The hard part is explaining it to almost everyone else.  After all, there are no papers to write for a class, no assignments to hand in nor deadlines or exams.  Shouldn’t a music person focus on practicing their instrument(s) in their free time, crafting the new song for a spot on the old set list?  Probably, although I did finish the editing for the upcoming P-Word video ‘Interludes‘ here at the library.

I’m going to jump a few paragraphs, mainly because this is taking too long, like so many other things.  I started this blog partially for writing, partially for explaining, partially for creating.  You see, we’re all looking for a way out from social media, which provides us with a way in to see beyond ourselves.  Makes sense?  You aren’t breaking a law if you aren’t tweeting, updating, posting, etc.  But if you’re a musician in the 21st Century and you aren’t doing any of these, well, then it’s a little more difficult to book a show at O’Leavers in Omaha (which is a venue P-Word would love to play).

So whaddaya say O’Leavers?  We like to rock.  That ain’t no fishbowl.  I’ll give your staff a tour of the library.  Love library in fact.  We can pretend it’s a labyrinth and whisper-sing David Bowie songs.